Frontal precentral oligodendroglial gross-total lesionectomy and control of partial motor seizures in a child

  • Abraham Ibarra-de la Torre
  • Verónica Bautista-Piña
  • Antonio Avilés-Aguilar
Palabras clave: oligodendroglioma, child, molecular genetics, computed tomography.


The oligodendrogliomas, are brain tumors with origin glial, grade II by WHO classification for cerebral tumors in humans, are more frequency in adults and few cases or rare in children; their common presentation and localization is with seizures and frontal lobe cortical and/or subcortical, respectively. A prognostic factor is the resection grade and the follow-up to long time and includes the oncologic. We presented one case in a child with a gross-total resection frontal-precentral oligodendroglioma and control of seizures.
Reporte de caso